Frequently Asked Questions

Please call Leura Fairways on 02 4784 2850 between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Leura Fairways has no religious or political affiliations. We are a resident funded village and receive no subsidies. Leura Fairways is a member of the Retirement Villages Association.

No. We have a central antenna for the whole of Leura Fairways for all TV transmissions available in the area including cable TV.

All mail is delivered to the main office to comply with Australia Post regulations.

Normally personal washing will be done in your apartment and dried in your dryer.

We have our own garbage disposal areas, so just pop your plastic bag of rubbish in the appropriate receptacle on the way past. Bottles and papers are also to be placed in these areas for recycling.

Yes. However this must be initiated at the time of purchase and the appropriate notations entered on the lease.

Telephone, water, sewerage gas and electricity are connected underground and there are TV outlets and emergency call buttons. Your electricity and telephone are independently metered, and along with your contents insurance and repairs to your appliances, remain at your cost. Water, sewerage and council rates are covered by your monthly maintenance levy.

You are responsible for the cleaning and daily upkeep of your apartment, your personal electricity and gas charges, your telephone account and your contents insurance. The linings of all your curtains and blinds will have to comply with the village standard and the rules and regulations of the common areas have to be adhered to.

As you would anticipate, the standards of Leura Fairways will be those you would expect and wish to enjoy. Our Resident Information given when you decide to enter the village explains responsibilities in detail.

Should you need assistance, the management have the facility to arrange for you, on a user pays basis, laundry service, meal service, cleaning, personal assistance, maintenance and repairs, transport, doctors and nursing assistance.

You will be required to pay Land Title Office Registration fees, Stamp Duty on your lease and legal fees. You would, of course, have the usual costs involved in removal charges and service connection fees.

You receive clear title of occupancy and you are protected from any claims against the Freehold Title of the village as a whole.

A 99-year Leasehold Title begins the day you settle, or move into your Leura Fairways Apartment. Under this system you gain the benefit of private ownership without the usual unwanted responsibilities of rates, taxes and maintenance etc. associated with other forms of Title. Your Leasehold Title is surrendered or terminated when you sell your Apartment and the incoming lessee gets a brand new 99-year lease.

Simply by placing a holding deposit of $5000 on the apartment you choose. This enables you to arrange your affairs without the worry of losing the apartment on which you have set your heart. Your holding deposit is refundable at any time upon request, less $300 if at your request our solicitors have prepared lease documents specifically for you.

Plus an Administration fee of $1850.00